Dr. Hong Chen is a Researcher. His primary research interests are in web service, databases, distributed systems, special to Social Networking Service, Content Manager System, Document Feature Retrieve, Computer Music. Build Digital Library and cross site community system. He is active in the research community, is an ACM, DBSJ member. Hong also is working as IT Architect, System Engineer, Building company intranet and cross internet. Now Dr. Chen work on Distributed SNS, e-Learning and Social Learning.

Self PR

I proposed the Ubiquitous Personal Study (UPS) , it try to integrate user’s actions, involving cyber space and real world activities into UPS , user modeling and support accessing, managing, organizing, sharing and recommending information.

I also tried to integrate and organize social stream data and life log , into Ubiquitous Personal Study, to grasping aspects of people’s information behaviors and social activities. I propose a Framework of Organic Streams to meaningfully organize these stream data into cloud, in order to enable UPS socialized toward an individualized information portal.
I and my team demonstrated a scenario of using the socialized UPS to support learning activities, with experimental data and analysis results. it implement with mash-up technology.

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